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Beat the Stock Market with these 23 Unique
& Proven Strategies


Based on Scientific Research - Results & details

shown on how you can use them too..

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List of 23 Investment Strategies Covered:

  1.   MicroCap Net Nets

  2.   ETF Momentum Rotation

  3.   Trend Following SmallCaps

  4.   Pairs Trading ETFs

  5.   Long/Short Equity

  6.   Overnight Gappers

  7.   Trailing Stops

  8.   Buy the Dip (BTD)

  9.   Seasonal Patterns

  10.   VIX Term Structure

  11.   Low Book to Price

  12.   Dogs of the Dow

13.  Trending Value

14.  High Free Cash Flow

15.  Shareholder Yield

16.  Sector Momentum

17.  Short Term Reversal

18.  Post-Earnings Drift

19.  52 Week High Effect

20.  Dividend Pay-out Dates

21.  CAPE Factor

22.  Insider Buying

23.  Founder Led Companies

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Disclaimer: Trading is risky. We are not licensed financial advisors, please follow at your own risk. Past performance doesn't guarantee future results.

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