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Free Quantitative Stock Screener

Easily find the best stocks to buy right now with our Quantitative Stock Screener for the top 5,000 USA stocks by market capitalization.


Sort stocks by our 5 quantitative factor scores for the categories Valuation, Growth, Quality, Momentum & Volatility plus our overall score for every stock that combines the individual category scores. Numerous academic research has shown than these 5 factors above are the primary drivers of every stock's returns.


Bookmark this simple free screener now so you can always check how your favourite stocks score based on our quantitative algorithms and find potential new investments that meet your criteria. Use the search feature below to find specific companies plus click on the column headers to sort stocks by each category. Stocks are ranked 100 (the top 1% of the market) to 1 (the bottom 1% of the market) for each quantitative category.

LAST UPDATED: 17th February 2023 

(Pease wait for table to load 5,000 rows of data)

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