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The Best Buy and Sell Indicator on TradingView

In this blog post we'll go over in detail the best indicator on TradingView that gives you buy and sell signals on every asset and every timeframe. This indicator works on every chart you look at and it's based on a simple reversal strategy that has been proven to work very well across most markets going back many years.

Best Buy Sell Indicator TradingView

If you're an active trader, you know that finding the right buy and sell indicators can make all the difference in your success. With so many options available on TradingView, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your trading style.

But what if there was an indicator that consistently produced accurate signals and helped you stay ahead of the market trends? That's where Buy Sell Bands comes in, which in our opinion is the best buy sell indicator on TradingView.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what makes Buy Sell Bands the best buy and sell indicator on TradingView and how it can help take your trading game to the next level.

How does the Buy Sell Bands indicator work?

To use Buy Sell Bands you just need a free account with TradingView, the #1 charting platform online with over 11 million active users. Once you have a free TradingView account, installation only takes a few minutes and it will show on every chart you look at.

The Buy Sell Bands indicator consists of three lines: a lower green line indicating where to buy an asset, a middle blue line indicating where to exit all trades, and an upper red line indicating where to sell short.

When the price of an asset crosses below the green line, traders should look for buy signals, while sell signals can be identified when the price crosses above the red line. An example is shown on the chart below.

Buy Sell Bands

The Buy Sell Bands indicator is a powerful tool that provides traders with clear buy and sell signals based on a simple mean reversion trading strategy. This indicator can be used on any asset and timeframe, and is particularly effective in range-bound markets.

In addition to the Buy Sell Bands indicator, we also recommend using the Range Strength indicator to help identify whether the market is currently ranging or trending. The Range Strength indicator is displayed as a lower indicator underneath the chart, and shows green bars for range mode and red bars for trend mode.

To use the Buy Sell Bands indicator in conjunction with the Range Strength indicator, traders should wait until the Range Strength indicator is showing green bars, indicating that the market is ranging. At this point, traders can look to the Buy Sell Bands indicator to identify potential buy and sell signals.

By using the Buy Sell Bands indicator in conjunction with the Range Strength indicator, traders can improve their trading performance and take advantage of market fluctuations. The Buy Sell Bands indicator provides clear buy and sell signals based on a simple mean reversion strategy, while the Range Strength indicator helps identify whether the market is ranging or trending, providing additional context for traders to make informed decisions.

The Buy Sell Bands indicator and Range Strength indicator are powerful tools that can help traders of all levels identify potential trading opportunities and improve their performance. By combining these two indicators, traders can navigate range-bound markets with greater confidence and consistency, and make the most of market fluctuations.

Buy Sell Bands vs Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands have been a popular trading indicator for over 30 years, and are included as a standard feature in most charting platforms. However, Buy Sell Bands whilst similar in nature, have several distinct advantages that provide traders with a powerful edge in the markets.

While Bollinger Bands use a default setting of the 20 day moving average with lower and upper bands set at 2 standard deviations, Buy Sell Bands incorporate both current and historical volatility patterns to show buy and sell levels specific to each asset. This means that Buy Sell Bands provide more accurate signals by taking into account the current market conditions, rather than relying solely on the past 20 bars.

Another key advantage of Buy Sell Bands is that they are designed specifically for range trading. This means that they do not display as many false signals during periods of contracted volatility, which often precede sharp breakouts. In contrast, Bollinger Bands can be used for both range and trend trading, but their sensitivity to market movements can lead to false signals during choppy market conditions.

To illustrate the differences, we've provided examples of the same charts with Bollinger Bands on the left and Buy Sell Bands on the right. As you can see, Buy Sell Bands offer a more precise representation of buy and sell levels, helping traders make better informed trading decisions.

best indicator trading view

Backtest Results

Below are some historical testing we've done with the Buy Sell Band indicator and you can see how robust the profitability is across different markets and timeframes. That's because all assets exhibit mean reversion tendencies that this indicator identifies.

buy sell indicator result

tradingview best buy sell indicator

Tradingview indicator for buy and sell signals

TradingView indicator that gives buy and sell alerts

How to Setup Buy and Sell Signal Trade Alerts

tradingview indicator for buy and sell signals

You can easily setup alerts in TradingView so you can receive real time trading alerts whenever the Buy Sell Bands indicator generates a buy, sell or exit signal so you don't have to watch the charts all day long.

Here are the steps to set up alerts in TradingView for the Buy Sell Bands indicator:

  1. Open your TradingView account and navigate to the chart you want to set up alerts for.

  2. Add the Buy Sell Bands indicator to the chart by clicking on the "Indicators" button at the top of the chart, searching for "Buy Sell Bands", and selecting it from the list of available indicators.

  3. Once the Buy Sell Bands indicator is added to the chart, click on the "Alerts" button at the top of the chart.

  4. Click on "Create Alert" and choose "Buy Sell Bands" as the condition.

  5. Select the desired time frame and asset that you want to receive alerts for.

  6. Choose the type of alert you want to receive (e.g., email, popup, SMS) and enter the necessary details.

  7. Set the trigger conditions for the alert, such as "Crosses above" for the upper red line or "Crosses below" for the lower green line.

  8. Click "Create" to save your alert.

Once your alert is set up, you'll receive notifications when the Buy Sell Bands indicator issues a trading signal based on the conditions you set. This can help you stay on top of your trades and take action quickly when necessary.

How to Get Access to Buy Sell Bands

Visit our indicator store page today and purchase Buy Sell Bands to start using it in your TradingView account immediately. Setup is a breeze and takes just a few minutes, and with secure payment options through PayPal or Stripe, you can feel confident in your purchase.

Plus, you won't find this exclusive indicator anywhere else on the internet. Don't miss out on the opportunity to simplify your trading strategy and make more winning trades. Head to our trading indicator store now and start using Buy Sell Bands today!


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