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Watch the video above to learn my unique swing trading strategy using my 6 custom indicators and how they can help you make more winning trades in over 100,000 different assets from around the world!

Anybody can use these indicators; all you need is a free account at

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6 Swing Trading Indicator Descriptions

Below are descriptions and snapshots of our custom indicators. With all our indicators you can setup real time alerts inside your TradingView account so you can be notified on your phone, email or other methods to let you know if an indicator has given a trading signal even if your computer is turned off.



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This is our unique indicator to find hidden divergences in price, it's completely different from traditional oscillators that find divergences. It's designed to be used on stocks and ETFs on the daily timeframe.


Look for double bottoms or consolidations after large moves and for the Hidden Divergence indicator to point the other way, ideally you want to trade in the direction of the divergence. Also positive readings on the indicator can be considered bullish for the asset and negative readings can be considered bearish for the asset. Please note we want to keep the logic of this indicator proprietary.



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The Dynamic Swing Index (DSI) is a superior oscillator indicator designed to show you oversold and overbought levels on any asset and timeframe.

The oversold and overbought levels adjust to every asset and current market environment, hence the name Dynamic. You can also use it to find divergences in price and the indicator.


There's much more going into this indicator than all standard oscillators and it will let you know when price is ready to turn.



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Determining when to buy and sell is hard, and that's why we designed the indicator Buy Sell Bands which tells you exactly when to buy and sell. It's based on a mean reversion trading strategy that buys when price is oversold and sells when overbought and exit back at the mean.

Trading signals are shown on the chart and this indicator works on every asset and timeframe. You can customize multiple things in settings to create a truly unique strategy. Stock investors can use this indicator on the weekly and monthly charts for long term entry & exit signals.


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Designed to be used in conjunction with the Buy Sell Bands with a mean reversion trading strategy, the Range Strength indicator tells you whether the market is currently in a trending or ranging mode. Ideally when putting on reversal trades we want to do when the market is ranging or coming out of a long trending environment.

This indicator will give you a numerical measure of the strength of the range or trend and is great for quick and easy visual reference to any market and timeframe as to how strong the trend is or isn't.


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IWM_2023-02-16_17-56-00_fa51a (1).png

The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is the #1 used indicator by day traders and other professionals to determine where the daily "market price" lays, you want to pay attention to pullbacks to VWAP and when price gets too far from it.

You can use the VWAP Extremes Indicator to show you what the most extreme % distances price has been from VWAP over a given number of bars, this can help determine levels of overbought or oversold to add strength to your entries.


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Reversal Signals will help identify potential reversal points in the market by showing up to 5 consecutive buy or sell signals when it has determined the market could be near the end of swing high or low. It can be used on any asset and timeframe, however it's best suited for daily charts and when markets aren't in strong parabolic trends.


It is also useful to determine strong trends when a clustering of signals fails. Also look for clustering of signals at levels of significant support and resistance to add weight to the signal.




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Enter your Email and TradingView Username below to get access to all 6 of Our Indicators Today!

Checkout with Stripe - Lifetime Access - No Ongoing Costs

How To Use Our Swing Trading Indicators

Getting access to our premium indicators is easy and anybody can do it today by following the 4 steps below; 


If you don't already have a TradingView account then sign up for a free account at - The #1 charting platform online used by millions of traders.

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Enter your TradingView username from your profile page into the order form on this page along with your email address then proceed to checkout.



Once we receive your order we will give your TradingView account access to our indicators and then you'll see them under the Invite-Only section of your indicators tab on your charts.


Add some or all of our indicators to your chart and they will show on every chart you look at. Use the hide/unhide button to only show some indicators on some charts or create different chart layouts with just a few and save them to keep multiple chart layouts open at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Module 1: Introduction (11:28 minutes)
    Welcoming you to the course, introducing you to Jared, a bit about him and what you can expert to learn from this course with tips on how to get the best results.
  • Module 2: How Markets Work (17:44 minutes)
    Starting from the ground up, Jared takes you through the basics of why markets exist in the first place, how they really work, explaining things like the order book and different market participants.
  • Module 3: Financial Markets History (24:20 minutes)
    Step back in time and learn about how the first financial exchanges came about, all the different types of markets along with stories of the most famous bubbles and crashes along with important lessons we can draw from them.
  • Module 4: Understanding All Markets (25:44 minutes)
    Get a deeper understanding of how all markets function, their purpose, what makes them move along with the effects of interest rates, geopolitics and relative valuations.
  • Module 5: Participating in Markets (21:10 minutes)
    Find out how to properly reduce your risk, how to choose the correct broker, which brokers you should avoid, how the order book works and how to work your orders into the market to minimize price impact and slippage.
  • Module 6: Managing Your Wealth (22:30 minutes)
    We'll look at the pro's and con's of DIY vs outsourcing your wealth management, how to structure your wealth, properly diversify your wealth, and how to develop an ownership mindset to best accumulate wealth over your life.
  • Module 7: Protecting Your Wealth (20:55 minutes)
    It's one thing to accumulate wealth, however a lot of people end up losing it in one form or another, this module will serve to help you protect your wealth with various strategies that help you retain what you've made and earned.
  • Module 8: Technical Analysis & Charting (48:28 minutes)
    Learn the right way to perform technical analysis, starting with trends, support & resistance, chart patterns, candlestick patterns, divergences and custom indicators to give you unique insights into the price action of every asset on any timeframe.
  • Module 9: Fundamental Analysis of Stocks (28:31 minutes)
    When you blend the technicals with fundamentals, you have a powerful combination to increase your chances of success. This module shows how anybody can perform fundamental analysis to see what's driving the price of a stock.
  • Module 10: Valuation Analysis of Stocks (35:36 minutes)
    In this module, Jared teaches you in simple terms how to value any stock, understanding assets and liabilities, the concept of fair value and buying with a margin of safety.
  • Module 11: Economic Analysis of Countries (32:42 minutes)
    Understand in easy terms how to analyze the performance of a country so you understand the top-down macro picture, along with the impact of economic trends, and valuing entire country stock markets.
  • Module 12: Long Term Strategic Investments (31:25 minutes)
    Possibly the most important module of this entire course, Jared will run you through exactly what stocks, ETFs and REITs where he keeps 80% of his wealth, and how to invest in the leading companies of secular trends forming in society.
  • Module 13: Short Term Swing Trading (37:44 minutes)
    Jared explains in detail how his swing trading strategy works by diving deep into the charts, indicators, managing trades and where to enter and exit.
  • Module 14: Spread Trading (28:16 minutes)
    Also known as pairs trading, in this module you will learn how to do spread trading, betting on the relationship of 2 similar stocks or ETFs whilst removing market risk.
  • Module 15: Trend Following Stocks (35:55 minutes)
    Learn the right way to do trend following on stocks by combining the technicals with fundamentals, Jared shows you his system along with back test results of the specific entry and exit rules.
  • Module 16: Medium Term Tactical Positions (28:31 minutes)
    Learn how to combine fundamentals with technicals to find unique opportunities across markets that can also offset risk in your other portfolios with medium term tactical positions.
  • Module 17: Yield-Based ETF Allocation (25:18 minutes)
    See this simple system for allocating the optimal amount between stocks and bonds, back test results shown along with a spreadsheet you can use to implement it.
  • Module 18: Momentum Investing (35:36 minutes)
    Learn everything about the various investment factors that primarily drive returns, including the #1 market anomaly, momentum and Jared's specific momentum investing system he uses on ETFs, along with back tests and instructions on how you can implement it.
  • Module 19: Option Selling Income (34:33 minutes)
    Find out how you can safely sell options without taking on tail risks with Jared's unique approach to option trading and generating monthly income.
  • Module 20: Hidden Bargains (34:50 minutes)
    Dive deep down to the bottom of the stock market and discover deeply undervalued hidden bargains only available to small investors.
  • Module 21: Following the Smart Money (31:55 minutes)
    Corporate insiders and hedge funds have strong track records of outperforming the market, that's because they have access to the best information. Jared will teach you how you can successfully copy their moves.
  • Module 22: Practical Risk Management (38:49 minutes)
    One of the most important aspects of trading and investing is risk management, Jared shows you exactly how best to manage, mitigate and remove risk from your portfolios.
  • Module 23: Mind Over Money (35:16 minutes)
    Jared dives into trading psychology, going over 20 mental biases we're all vulnerable to and providing you with strategies on how to overcome them and develop a winning mindset.
  • Module 24: Online Tools I Use (28:19 minutes)
    Jared shows you all the various online tools, data and apps he uses to assist with his trading and investing. Including showing you how to automate trades without the need for coding, plus how to best use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you invest.
  • Module 25: Conclusion (35:23 minutes)
    Jared summarizes the key teachings from each module, along with providing recommendations for his favorite books for those who want to dive deeper into particular topics.
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