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Watch the video above to learn my unique swing trading strategy using my 6 custom indicators and how they can help you make more winning trades in over 100,000 different assets from around the world!

Anybody can use these indicators; all you need is a free account at

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6 Swing Trading Indicator Descriptions

Below are descriptions and snapshots of our custom indicators. With all our indicators you can setup real time alerts inside your TradingView account so you can be notified on your phone, email or other methods to let you know if an indicator has given a trading signal even if your computer is turned off.



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This is our unique indicator to find hidden divergences in price, it's completely different from traditional oscillators that find divergences. It's designed to be used on stocks and ETFs on the daily timeframe.


Look for double bottoms or consolidations after large moves and for the Hidden Divergence indicator to point the other way, ideally you want to trade in the direction of the divergence. Also positive readings on the indicator can be considered bullish for the asset and negative readings can be considered bearish for the asset. Please note we want to keep the logic of this indicator proprietary.



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The Dynamic Swing Index (DSI) is a superior oscillator indicator designed to show you oversold and overbought levels on any asset and timeframe.

The oversold and overbought levels adjust to every asset and current market environment, hence the name Dynamic. You can also use it to find divergences in price and the indicator.


There's much more going into this indicator than all standard oscillators and it will let you know when price is ready to turn.



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Determining when to buy and sell is hard, and that's why we designed the indicator Buy Sell Bands which tells you exactly when to buy and sell. It's based on a mean reversion trading strategy that buys when price is oversold and sells when overbought and exit back at the mean.

Trading signals are shown on the chart and this indicator works on every asset and timeframe. You can customize multiple things in settings to create a truly unique strategy. Stock investors can use this indicator on the weekly and monthly charts for long term entry & exit signals.


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Designed to be used in conjunction with the Buy Sell Bands with a mean reversion trading strategy, the Range Strength indicator tells you whether the market is currently in a trending or ranging mode. Ideally when putting on reversal trades we want to do when the market is ranging or coming out of a long trending environment.

This indicator will give you a numerical measure of the strength of the range or trend and is great for quick and easy visual reference to any market and timeframe as to how strong the trend is or isn't.


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IWM_2023-02-16_17-56-00_fa51a (1).png

The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is the #1 used indicator by day traders and other professionals to determine where the daily "market price" lays, you want to pay attention to pullbacks to VWAP and when price gets too far from it.

You can use the VWAP Extremes Indicator to show you what the most extreme % distances price has been from VWAP over a given number of bars, this can help determine levels of overbought or oversold to add strength to your entries.


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Reversal Signals will help identify potential reversal points in the market by showing up to 5 consecutive buy or sell signals when it has determined the market could be near the end of swing high or low. It can be used on any asset and timeframe, however it's best suited for daily charts and when markets aren't in strong parabolic trends.


It is also useful to determine strong trends when a clustering of signals fails. Also look for clustering of signals at levels of significant support and resistance to add weight to the signal.




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Enter your Email and TradingView Username below to get access to all 6 of Our Indicators Today!

Checkout with Stripe - Lifetime Access - No Ongoing Costs

How To Use Our Swing Trading Indicators

Getting access to our premium indicators is easy and anybody can do it today by following the 4 steps below; 


If you don't already have a TradingView account then sign up for a free account at - The #1 charting platform online used by millions of traders.

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Enter your TradingView username from your profile page into the order form on this page along with your email address then proceed to checkout.



Once we receive your order we will give your TradingView account access to our indicators and then you'll see them under the Invite-Only section of your indicators tab on your charts.


Add some or all of our indicators to your chart and they will show on every chart you look at. Use the hide/unhide button to only show some indicators on some charts or create different chart layouts with just a few and save them to keep multiple chart layouts open at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I live outside the United States of America, can I still purchase and use these indicators?
    Yes! We use one of the largest payment processors in the world, Stripe, to safely handle all transactions. Even though payment is in United States Dollar (USD) you can still use your credit card to purchase from anywhere in the world and it will automatically convert the payment into your local currency on your statement, whether that's CAD, GBP, AUD, EUR or any other one! Our indicators work on all assets from around the world inside TradingView. We have many happy international customers!
  • What do I need to use these indicators?
    All you need is a free account from
  • Do these indicators only work on stocks?
    No. Only 6 of our indicators work for stocks-only like Dark Pool %, Optimal Stock/Bond Allocation, Stock Fair Value, Business Quality Score, Stock Crash Risk and SP500 Oscillator. All of our other 16 indicators work on all assets from around the world.
  • What about indicator updates and new indicators?
    From time to time we update our indicators, and any indicators you've purchased will automatically be updated inside of your TradingView account. Also, if you purchase our All-Indicators package, you'll automatically receive access to all future indicators we develop 100% free of charge, with no ongoing costs.
  • Are there any extra costs?
    There are no hidden fees or costs to use our indicators, they can be used with a free TradingView account. All our indicators are sold for a one-time fee only giving you lifetime access. There are no ongoing subscriptions necessary. The only extra costs are if you want to upgrade to a paid TradingView plan so you can view more than 3 indicators on one chart and have more than 1 alert available. A Pro Plan to TradingView is only $14.95 per month and well worth it for all the extra features you get with your charting, plus it's a better ad-free experience than the free plan.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Please note we only issue refunds within 7 days after making purchase if you've changed your mind or decide our indicators aren't for you. Please request refunds by emailing us at - Once you're refunded you will no longer have access to our indicators.
  • Do you offer any customer support?
    Yes you can email us at with any questions or assistance required. We will reply back to you within 1 business day.
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