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The Internet's #1 Fully
Automated Stock Trading Bot

StockSwingBot is the only automated stock trading system based on a scientifically tested strategy that's available to all traders

Start in 5 Minutes. No coding necessary. Video tutorial included.

Lifetime Access - Checkout with Stripe - No Ongoing Costs

What is StockSwingBot?

StockSwingBot is our complete automated stock trading platform designed to be run from the popular TradingView charting platform. It comes with a Back test script so you can configure our system and see the historical results on any asset and timeframe going back multiple years.


Also included is the indicator script to generate alerts so you can be notified in real time of all entry and exit signals. This script can also be used to automate the system into your brokerage account. We teach you how to set up everything in minutes, with no programming or coding experience required!


Our trading system is built using our own unique "Buy the Dip" trading strategy that's designed to be run on up-trending stocks using the daily chart timeframe. However, it's also shown robust profitability on most other assets too including forex, futures, cryptos, ETFs and on other timeframes including 5 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour charts too. It can be used and automated on any asset imaginable.

Included with this product is a video tutorial that shows you how you can automate StockSwingBot to run hands-free in your trading account. Automation is an option, you can still use this system to enter trades manually yourself inside your trading account by using real time alerts for entry & exit signals.


It's super simple to set up, easy to operate, and anybody can do it! 

Our bot has an average win rate of 72%

Below is a sample of back test results on 10 popular symbols from 2002-2023

Facebook - FB


Amazon - AMZN


Lockheed Martin - LMT


Visa - V


T-Mobile - TMUS


Starbucks - SBUX


FedEx - FDX


Apple - AAPL


Costco - COST


McDonalds - MCD


Custom strategy ready to go

Tweak settings to your liking

Proven to work over long term

Get notified of all trades made

Setup within minutes

2 stop loss protection strategies

Take Your Trading To the Next Level

You don't have to be a Wall Street hedge fund to trade like one

Up until recently, only hedge funds or highly sophisticated traders were able to run automated stock trading systems.

Now with advances in technology, it's possible for all online traders to easily enjoy the numerous benefits of trading automation.

You can back test our bot, tweak the settings and setup automated trading all within minutes.


Our Trading Bot Runs Completely In the Cloud

You don't need to leave your computer running or pay for a Virtual Private Server (VPS)


Our trading bot runs on TradingView which then sends all entry and exit signals to Capitalise or another bridging service.

Capitalise which is free for Interactive Brokers customers is the bridge between TradingView and IB.

For other brokers, you can use SignalStack to send trade alerts from TradingView to your broker.

The entry and exit orders are all automatically executed in your IB account in under 1 second

Start Using a Proven Stock Trading System

No need to keep guessing when to buy and sell, use a proven strategy instead


Protect Your Account with 2 Stop Losses

You're always in total control of what happens in your trading account


Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do I have to be in the United States of America to buy this?

A - No. We have many happy international customers. We use Stripe to process payments, a very large online company that can charge worldwide credit cards in any currency!

Q - Are there any ongoing costs, hidden fees or surprise upsells?

A - No. What you see is what you get. We only charge a one-time fee to get lifetime access to our private scripts on TradingView needed to run StockSwingBot. You will receive access to all future updates we do free of charge too.

Q - What do I need to run this trading system?

A - Only a paid charting account from to back test our system and receive real time alerts, and a free account at Capitalise if you wish to automatically send trades to an account with Interactive Brokers.

Q - Is it possible to automate on brokers other than Interactive Brokers?

A - Yes, however it will cost a little more. You can use services like SignalStack to bridge alerts from TradingView to over a dozen different brokers on any asset you wish.

Q - What is the refund policy?

A - You have 7 days to test our system out, if you decide it's not for you, you can email us at requesting a refund. Please note, you will no longer have access to our system and indicators after being refunded.

Q - Do you offer customer support?

A - Yes! If you have any questions or require assistance, you can contact us anytime, and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

Start Your Automated
Stock Trading Journey Today

Start in 5 Minutes. No coding necessary. Video tutorial included.

Lifetime Access - Checkout with Stripe - No Ongoing Costs

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