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Invest in a professional trading strategy..

Manually or automatically copy our stock & ETF trading strategies so you can generate strong risk-adjusted returns with any size trading account

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Copy Professional Stock Traders

Leave Your Investing Decisions
to Trading Professionals

If you're unfamiliar with copy trading, it is a new technology that allows anybody to copy the trades of expert traders. You can manually copy the trades or have them automatically copied inside your trading account. The benefit being you always have full control over your funds, nobody else can access them.


Copy trading for stocks has seen explosive growth over recent years and research has shown that average investors can achieve better returns by copying other expert traders. It's expected by the year 2028, that the copy trading industry will reach $4 Billion dollars in size.

Here at Click Capital, copy trading for stocks and ETFs is what we specialize in.

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Trading Floor

What We Do

We Run 5 Investment Strategies on USA Stocks & ETFs

Tracked using an independent 3rd party platform

Our strategies are listed on the popular Collective2 copy trading platform. Think of it like an online trading strategy marketplace that anybody can join to follow the trades of strategy managers. You can receive the trade alerts in real time via email to then manually place trades yourself or you can have the alerts automatically traded in your account.

We're experts in designing and operating active investment strategies using stocks & ETFs. Our strategies use both quantitative and qualitative elements in order to deliver high risk-adjusted returns that have low correlation to the market. They're based upon classic hedge fund trading strategies that have been used for decades by the investing elite.

Become a Copy Trader Today

How You Can Benefit


Choose a Strategy

We have 5 active stock & ETF trading strategies, choose one that suits your risk tolerance & objectives



With the click of a mouse, you can join and start receiving our trades in real time right away starting today


Follow the Trades

You can either manually place trades in your account yourself or get them automatically traded in your account


Sit back & Relax

Let us do all the hard work of running an investment strategy whilst you focus on other things

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"63% of copy traders profited versus 81% of regular traders that lost money"

- Finance Magnates

Check Out Our Products

Our Investment Strategies

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All Weather Fund

ETFs - Long Only

Designed to perform well throughout the entire market cycle and in any economic environment is our long-term investing strategy product.

Close up shot of financial analysis graph chart stock exchange bitcoin cryptocurrency repo

ETF Pairs Trading

ETFs - Long & Short

Trade based on the relationship of two similar assets, not on the outright direction itself. This offers low correlation to the typical market portfolios and can profit during crashes.

Skyline New York

Equity Long Short

Stocks - Long & Short

Based on the classic hedge fund strategy of carrying a market neutral portfolio we carry long positions in strong companies and short positions in weak companies.

Underwater diver in deep sea dive.jpg

MicroCap Deep Value

Stocks - Long Only

Go where other investors won't or can't go, and find hidden gems at the deep bottom of the stock market where tiny companies are unknown from most of Wall Street.

Spacecraft takes off into space. Rocket flies to Mars. Space Shuttle Takes Off. Journey to

SmallCap Growth Trend

Stocks - Long Only

Jump on board 'rocket ship' small stocks with exploding business growth and stock prices. Emerging growth companies with huge potential is what this portfolio invests in.

Find a Strategy
That Suits You

and start investing like a hedge fund today

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