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Investing Starts Here

 Learn from an experienced investor, Jared Mann, how to increase your success   in markets, with his range of bespoke products and Daily Market Reviews 

See Markets in a Whole New Light

Custom Indicators Made for
Active Traders & Investors

Explore our exclusive collection of custom TradingView indicators, crafted to elevate your trading experience like never before.


Our innovative and unique tools cater to the needs of professional traders and investors, setting them apart from mainstream options.


Get started with just a free TradingView account, and unlock the full potential of these exceptional indicators within minutes.


Join us today and experience the ease of installation, user-friendly learning curve, and a game-changing approach to trading and investing.

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With our TradingView Indicators you can

Truly Understand The Technicals of Markets

Discover a new realm of market insights with our groundbreaking custom indicators for TradingView.


Developed over eight years as a premium member on TradingView, our custom indicators are backed by thousands of lines of code and designed to help traders decipher complex market movements in a simple manner.


Uncover the best trading opportunities by gaining a deeper understanding of market dynamics. Maximize your edge with real-time alerts for trading signals, ensuring you never miss a profitable trade.


Experience the difference our indicators make and elevate your trading to new heights.

Step Up Your Trading Game Starting Today

How To Get Started


Create Account

Visit and create a free account if you haven't already got one.


Choose Indicators

Visit our indicator store and safely purchase one, several or all of our indicators via Credit Card.


Wait for Access

Within several hours we'll give your TradingView account access to use our indicators right away.


Start Trading

Analyze the markets like never before with our highly customized indicators for all assets.


"You're Invited to Try My Personal Indicators

I Use Every Day to Manage My Own Money"

- Jared, Click Capital CEO & Founder

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