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Get the Best Trading Tools Plus FREE Bonuses! 

Below are descriptions of other stock trading software tools we use ourselves

Get them through our links to get 50% in equivalent value of our products for FREE!

How To Take Advantage of This Special

1.   Read the descriptions of 7 different Trading Tools below.

2.   Choose what new tool you wish to use (you can join more than 1).

3.   Click the blue buttons on this page to visit the tool's website and make a purchase. You must visit these sites for the first time via the links from this page. You will still get exactly the same benefits as if you went directly to their sites.

(Disclosure: They share a small portion of your purchase with us as an affiliate commission.)

4.   Forward a receipt or screenshot of your purchase to and tell us what products/services of ours you wish to get for free up to the same value of your purchase(s). We will verify you purchased through our links.

5.   We have custom indicators for TradingView, a monthly trade alerts service, plus a special presentation on our latest stock pick. Pick 'n' choose exactly what you want up to a value of $500!!

As an Example:

You visit one of the websites below via our links, create a new account and purchase an annual plan to their tool for $300. You can now choose up to $150 worth of our products to get for free exactly how you want, maybe you want a couple of our custom indicators, a couple of free months to our OnlyBears strategy and access to our latest investment presentation. It's up to you!

Read below the descriptions of popular trading software tools we use ourselves, and remember to visit the websites through the button links on this page, create a new account, make your purchase then forward us the receipt or screenshot to along with instructions on what products and services of ours you want for free, we will then give you access to them on the same day!!



Starting with the #1 Charting Platform online and tool we use the most is TradingView.

Benefits of TradingView Include;

- The best charts on every asset in the world

- Analyze markets on every timeframe (daily, 5 min, weekly)

- Top class technical analysis tools

- Setup real time alerts to your email/phone/apps

- Create watch lists of your favorite assets

- Back test different trading strategies

- Use their in-built screener to find opportunities

Click the button below to visit TradingView and take advantage of their special offer (save the most with an Annual Plan!)

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is what we use for Fundamental Analysis of stocks, the #1 Stock Research platform since 2004!

Benefits of Seeking Alpha Include;

- Deep dive investment research from a huge community of highly qualified authors

- Advanced stock screening tools

- Unique quantitative ratings on every stock

- Insights into Wall Street Analyst ratings

- Breaking news and industry trends

- Earnings call transcripts

Click the button below to visit Seeking Alpha and take advantage of their special offer (save the most with an Annual Plan!)


Market Chameleon


Our preferred tool for advanced stock and options data, screening and strategies.

Benefits of Market Chameleon Include;

- #1 for options data, screening and strategies

- Powerful data for stocks including seasonality, earnings, dividends, order flow, insider trades.

- Advanced screening for many variables to get specific results

- Get bird's eye view of daily market performances

- Download data to manipulate in spreadsheets

Click the button below to visit Market Chameleon and we recommend getting their Total Access Plan

Simply Wall Street

Simply Wall Street is a great, light weight, web app for quickly getting a bird's eye view of stocks along with your portfolio.

Benefits of Simply Wall Street Include;

- Leading visual data representation tool with a user-friendly interface

- In-depth stock analysis including fundamentals, analyst forecasts, management transactions

- A unique Fair Value for every stock to find value

- Clean portfolio management analytics to monitor performance of your holdings

- Great visual screener of different themes and unique factors you're looking for

Click the button below to visit Simply Wall Street and take advantage of their special offer (save the most with an Annual Plan!)

SimplyWallSt (1).png


BarChart (1).png

A very diverse and original online analysis tool covering a wide range of markets and data.

Benefits of BarChart Include;

- Loads of data covering all markets, stocks, options, ETFs, futures, forex and commodities.

- Advanced charting tools with a wide range of indicators.

- Market analysis and news delivering up-to-date financial information and market moving events.

- Trading signals and proprietary indicators like "TrendSpotter".

- Customizable watch lists and portfolios to monitor your favorite assets.

Click the button below to visit BarChart and order the appropriate plan for you.


Since 2007 FinViz has been one of the leading stock market screeners and visual data platforms.

Benefits of FinViz Include;

- Easy to use platform to quickly analyze the stock market

- Advanced screener using both technicals and fundamentals

- Visual maps and groupings of markets, industries and stocks

- Quick and easy charting tools

- The ability to back test technical indicators

- Real-time data, alerts and data exports

Click the button below to visit FinViz and save the most with an Annual Plan!

FinViz (1).png

Trader Sync


You can't improve what you don't measure, Trader Sync is the #1 trading journal tool online.

Benefits of Trader Sync Include;

- Import data from over 240 brokers into TraderSync to analyze all your trades

- Supports all assets, stocks, crypto, future, forex

- Get a birds-eye view of how your trading is performing including win rate, monthly stats, etc.

- See patterns of where your profitable and where you're losing

- Use their market replay simulator to hone your entries and exits

- An important tool to journal and improve your trading performance.

Click the button below to visit Trader Sync and save the most on annual plans.


Visit any of the above websites by clicking on the Blue Buttons on this page, make your purchase, and email us the receipt (or screenshot of your purchase) to - Include in your email what products of ours from any part of this website you want for free up to 50% of the same value as your purchase. Pick 'n' Choose how you want! Remember, if you want some free custom TradingView indicators to include your TradingView username in the email to us. Get them now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I live outside the United States of America, can I still take advantage of this special offer?
    Yes! All these products, tools and services are open to residents of all countries, the same goes for our free bonuses. We have many happy international customers!
  • Can I purchase more than 1 tool to get more bonuses?
    Yes! You can buy as many tools on this page to get up to a maximum of $1000 in value of our products as free bonuses. Every dollar you spend on a new tool, you get the same value in free bonuses of our products that you want. Just make sure you email with all necessary receipts or screenshots of your purchases so we can verify you purchased through our links, then just tell us what products of ours you want for free!
  • Can I apply my credit to a bigger purchase?
    Yes! If for example you buy a tool through our link for $200 and want our All-Indicators Package for $397, email us a copy of your purchase receipt and we'll send you back a special payment link for the difference ($297 in this example after receiving a $100 credit) to purchase all of our indicators or anything else you want!
  • Some tools have free trials available, can I take them?
    Yes you can take a free trial first for a few days to test the product out, however before we can give you access to our products as free bonuses to need to upgrade to a paid plan and send us proof.
  • I already have an account with one of these tools, can I extend my plan to get your free bonuses?
    Unfortunately not, these companies will only share an affiliate commission with us for NEW accounts we bring to them. So if you already have an account and extend your plan even after clicking our links, we can't provide any free bonuses. For all new accounts opened after clicking our links, we can issue free bonuses.
  • Will I receive the same indicator updates and product benefits as a normal purchase?
    You will receive the same benefits and privileges of our products via a free bonus that you normally would from buying our product directly. There's no special limitations or restrictions on how products given as free bonuses.
  • Are there any hidden costs or fees? (how is this possible)
    No, what you see, is what you get with us. There are NO hidden costs or fees that will surprise you with our special offer. You only pay the other company for their tool, and our products are completely FREE in return! This is made possible from the company sharing a small portion of your purchase price with us as an affiliate commission because we brought them a new customer at no marketing cost to them. To be clear, this does NOT come at any extra cost or fewer benefits to you, compared with visiting their sites directly and purchasing. You get exactly the same product and price as you normally would with them. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN deal for everybody involved!
  • What happens if I request a refund from these companies?
    If you purchase a product from one of these companies, then obtain our products for free as bonuses then request a refund from the company you purchased from, you will also lose access to our products too. This is to prevent some users who attempt to fraudulently obtain our products for free.
  • Do you offer any customer support?
    Yes, you can email us at with any questions or assistance required for our products. We will reply back to you within 1 business day. For all the other tools shown on this page, please contact their respective customer support for any assistance you require with their products.
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